100% British Sustainable firewood,

All of our firewood and kindling is locally sourced from sustainable woodlands right here in the heart of Nottinghamshire ....


We offer great value for your money for well cut, split and presented firewood whether its Kiln Dried or naturally seasoned logs you are looking for....

We have the latest machinery to cut and split our firewood, each log is measured to length (8 – 10 or 12 inches) meaning every log is the same length. All of our wood is stored in specialised boxes to allow maximum air flow for drying purposes.

And yes delivery is free to all parts of Nottinghamshire when you spend £60 or more, We also cover most parts of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. All delivery’s are done by ourselves with one of our tipper vans, we have skilled operators that will get the logs as close as possible to your desired place where you want them putting.

There are so many other log merchants out there, that say there logs are dry when really they are soaking wet and not correctly dried or stored. We monitor our logs very closely to ensure that they are drying correctly throughout the seasoning process. We moisture test each batch before it leaves our yard, to make sure that the moisture levels are correct, to ensure you recieve the driest wood to give out maximum heat and the most efficient burn.

Buy your Logs, Kindling and solid fuels from us and you will be getting the BEST products money can buy to keep you toasty and warm!!

Seasoned Logs & Kiln Dried Logs

Logs being delivered to a customer

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